Pastor Matthew and Mary Bukwalira                                   

Hellloam so glad to have you here , My Names am Apsostle Matthew together with my wife Maryy Bukwalire ,  few year back God spoke to us about ministry that will bring people to the Knowledge of God, and together with my brother whom I love so Much Emma Mugabi we began Saints of  Salvation Church , We express the Gospel through serving and loving our community  

we aim help people find mercy and discover new life in Christ by creating environments where they can LOVE God, GROW in Community, DISCOVER Purpose and SERVE on a Dream Team.            

Pastor Emma and Rosssete Mugabi

God has given us a love for people and a passion to see lives transformed. We have all been created for a purpose and we know that our purpose is to pastor a life-giving church. To fulfill this calling, God has led us to Bukwalire to embark on the next step in our journey. We believe  Saints of Salvation Church exists for people to find mercy and discover new life in Christ.

Thank you for partnering with us to reach a community for Jesus.